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Tidel ParkLocated in Taramani, the gateway to the cyber-corridor in Tamil Nadu, Tidel Park is the largest technology park of its kind in Asia. Built with the objective of providing a 'plug-and-play' facility to IT firms, it is spread over 1.2 million square feet.

It represents an architecturally modern, Intelligent Building Complex, designed by Architects C. R. Narayana Rao. The building management system has been designed, implemented and commissioned by RACE India.

According to R. Suresh of RACE India, buildings are no longer simply "working environments". They are integral to business operations. Competitiveness depends on building performance.

Building Automation System, with a high-level of system integration, has been executed at Tidel Park. The Integrated Building Management System, at Tidel, ensures comfort and safety for the tenants, by controlling and managing the air-conditioners, lifts, access control systems and all plant and machinery installed. The Tidel Park building has all the attributes of a smart building namely:

  • Energy Management Systems - Airconditioning, ventilation, smoke exhaust systems, heat recovery units and chillers with Thermal Energy Storage tanks and water management systems.
  • Life Safety Measures - Fire detection, access control, Closed Circuit Television Cameras(CCTV).
  • Telecommunication Systems and Office Automation Systems - UPS, EPABX, Public Address system and channelled music system.

Tidel ParkThe IBMS control room is the nerve centre of the whole building. It houses 10 workstations including an NT server, a 100 mb ethernet link and 12 CCTV monitors. The nerve centre is fed with power from a 60 Kva UPS from the IBMS network room. The network room also houses the EPABX, Public Address System racks and the distribution panels for the UPS. All the IBMS controllers and sensors are supported on the central UPS by a network of 4 bus ducts. The UPS also feeds the fire alarm and access system.

The EPABX system handles more than 200 lines and is integrated with the fire alarm and voice paging on the Public Address System. Voice paging and alarm messaging are features integrated with the fire alarm and building maintenance system

The Integrated Building Management System at Tidel saves real money by :

  • Reducing energy consumption, through scheduled operations of chillers and pumps for optimal wear and tear.
  • Freeing the staff for other duties
  • Improving the building environment
  • Enhancing the efficiency of operation
  • Increasing the comfort level of employees and
  • Extending the life of capital equipment
More than 3,500 fire alarm sensors
Over 40 barriers and turnstiles, for access control and security
Entry, only by smart cards
Over 72 CCTV cameras for 24 hours monitoring
Escalators connecting common area
19 large capacity high speed lifts and heavy duty service lifts for vertical transportation
The Thermal Energy Storage tank has a capacity of 24,000 Thermal Hours. This system is the third largest in the world
Pre-wired offices with 20 MBPS links, digital exchange phone lines and communication networks through Videsh Sanchar Nigam Ltd- Department of Tele-communication (VSNL-DoT) and Software Technology Parks of India (STPI)
16 underground sumps and overhead tanks. Associated pumps are monitored and automated to ensure that the tenants' taps do not run dry

Author : Anuradha Sriraman
Photographs : V Ganesan

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