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Little IndiaA home away from home? Well that's exactly what our correspondent representing discovered, on his exclusive assignment to cover Little India, Singapore.

The aromas wafting from the spice grinding machines, dotted with resplendent Indian coloured buildings all through Serangoon Road, seems almost as if you are back in Chennai. A cacophony of colours, sounds and scents. You'll discover an array of Indian silks, brassware and bangles, not to forget the authentic south Indian restaurants and South Indian foreigners, dhoti-clad, who don't even draw a second glance from the populace. In a nutshell, everything one will probably find on the Chennai's sidewalks. The ideal time to visit Serangoon Road would be a Sunday, although it could prove to be a trifle crowded, because that's when the Indian foreign workers do their weekly shopping.

If you are missing your everyday "sapad" on the plantain leaf, Komala Vilas, the first Indian fast food joint in Singapore, will come to your rescue, because they serve exactly this. As our correspondent echoes, "Although at the first glance one is sure to dismiss this as any other ordinary south Indian restaurant, you would'nt feel the same after you have tasted their lovely spread. In fact, if you look around, you can even find a foreigner enjoying this four course meal (using his hands, at that!) and burping satisfactorily". However, this is not the only restaurant to choose from. There are numerous other Indian restaurants out here, especially south Indian, for the Mohammed Mustaffa Centreconnoisseur to feast on, like Annapurna's.

Just a little down the road is located The Mohammed Mustaffa Centre, addressed often by Indian Singaporeans as the "Mecca of India". You name it & it's here. Starting right from fancy pens, to jewellery, electronic gizmos, designer wear, eatables and believe it or not, even groceries are available here. Its a one-stop-shop, where people clog on weekends to replenish their stocks of various necessities. Conveniently, Mustaffa Centre also acts as your money changer, for you can change Indian money for Singapore dollars here, as our correspondent did, for a few thousands of rupees ( 1.72 Singapore dollar is exchangeable here for one U.S.D. and Rs 27/- is in turn exchangeable for one Singpore dollar).

There are some jewellery stores here as well, but they don't really match up to Chennai's G R Thangamaligai or Lalitha's Jewellery or Vummudiyar's. Our correspondent also came across silk saree stores christened Nalli's and Kumaran's, who are branches of the original in Chennai.

Sri Veeramakaliamman TempleFor the religious minded, there are even Hindu Temples here, the most famous of them being Sri Veeramakaliamman Temple. For Dassera and Diwali, this road has been spruced up and decked with lights and other decoratives, making it look brighter than ever before.All in all, it's a must see for all Indian tourists, especially South-Indian ones.

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